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This week in gaming brings us the new Nintendo 3DS XL with better stereoscopic 3d effects, a bigger sd card and a few extra buttons for added play ability. The question is, is it worth it to upgrade if you already own a Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL console?

The question you must first ask yourself is are you content with the pre existing models of 3DS and does it improve your quality of life? If so you may want to stick to where you are. Although the new 3DS is cool and makes the experience much more buttery and warm, it is a steep price for just a few more bells and whistles.


The main reason to upgrade would have to be the handful of exclusives coming out, such as the remake the wii masterpiece Xenoblade Chronicles. This re make itself may be reason enough for some to drop $200 on a new console.

Overall, there’s really no downside to the upgrade. It will drastically improve your gaming ability and make you a better person so that people will like you.