Answers to our most frequently asked questions

How long do our repairs take?

Phone Repairs (Screens) - Typically, most phone screen repairs take anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes per device. iPhone screens are (normally) always in stock, some Samsung screens must be special ordered. Ordering requires leaving the device with us, or paying half down-- it can take 3 to 5 business days to receive the part and then repair the phone. Some phones may require more time if other issues are present at the time of drop off.

Phone Repairs (Other) - Besides screens, other phone repairs can take the same time or more depending on the issue and part needed. For instance, some repairs can take an hour or few, or even 24 hours. Times are always quoted at drop off, and technicians will contact if the time increases for any reason. We strive to communicate effectively and be diligent with our repairs, but will ask for more time when necessary to ensure the quality of the service.

iPad Repairs - iPad repairs have two options, in house or send off. "In House" can often require a part to be ordered, which would involve the 3 to 5 business days quote from above. Please see below for send off.

Console Repairs (In House) - Console repairs are quoted a week to give the technicians the proper diagnostic, disassembly, reassembly, and communication time needed for a proper repair. If our line becomes backed up, we may quote farther out so that each device is seen to with the same amount of attention and detail.

Send Off Repairs (Phones, Consoles) - Send Off repairs are sent off to companies that we have established relationships, often with bigger teams for complicated repairs involving sawdering. These quotes are often cheaper in price, but longer in time. These repair times can entirely depend on the mail carrier statuses at the time of drop off, but are often accompanied by a quote of two business weeks to return to us repaired.

Can I talk to a technician about my repair?

Drop Off: Yes! Our trained retail staff are always happy to take in your device, but our technicians (when not servicing another customer's device), can always answer specific questions you may have. 

During: As the repair technician is repairing your device, they may contact to inform you of any other issues, price changes, time changes, or other information related to your device or specific repair to keep communication up to speed. During this process, we always allow customers to change their mind of having their device repaired, though this is subject to a labor fee depending on the extent of the time the technician has taken at that time.

Pick Up: Once the repair is finished and the device is tested, the repair technician will bring the device back to our trusted retail employees so that they may check the customers out. At this time, if there are further questions from the customer or if the customer could not be reached during the repair, the technician will take this time to speak to the customer too, ideally leaving a final great impression of our staff!

Is my device data safe?

Devices now control everything, we understand that you need to trust the company who will be handling the device in your absence, we have taken special measures and implemented the correct systems to make sure that all of your sensitive data is kept safe at all times. We always recommend that you back up and erase your device for extra security however this may not always be possible, in order to test the device and complete our checks to the highest standard we would need the access code. This code is only accessible by your acting account manager and is not passed on to anyone else. This is held inside a secure database to be extra safe. 

All of our technicians, customer service staff, and managers have been fully DBS checked as standard during the introduction to employment by Master Mobile. 

I Have A Busy Schedule, Can You Accommodate?

Life and schedules can be tricky, this in mind we have opened our customer service levels even further - Our customer support lines and appointment services are available 10 AM - Midnight 7 Days A Week. 

Is Your Repair Work Guaranteed?

We hold the highest confidence in all of our repair services. 90 Days Warranty is applied to all repairs carried out with the exception of liquid damage repairs. 

We do not quibble over warranty claims however we must stress that the warranty is null and void should there be any cosmetic damage shown on the device after the repair date.

If you are unsure if the damage was there before the original repair was carried out please contact us as we take before and after photos of each device repaired. These images are then stored on your account for quick and easy access in case we ever have to assess the warranty booking. 

Am I Able To Speak To Someone - Or Can I Only Book Online?

In Short - YES! We have a full customer service team ready to help with your requests and are available between 10 AM - Midnight 7 Days A Week. 

You are able to get up to date information on the latest pricing and service availability in your area. - Existing Customer? They can give you up to date information regarding the status of your repair process. 

Will You Wipe My Device?

We always recommend that you back up and erase your personal data before shipping the device to us. However this is not always possible, maybe you do not want the extra hassle of completing this task and that's perfectly understandable. 

We will leave the device data exactly how we find it and none of this will be erased or changed in any way. Should we need to complete a software flash we will only go ahead and do this once we have contacted you and obtained your full permission to do so.