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Playstation Virtual Reality Apparatus – A New Arrival in the World of Video Gaming

In this pleasant month of October, with the advent of the fall season, we, at Play and Talk, are very excited for what has come into the world of computer and video gaming.

Yesterday, on the thirteenth of October, in the lord’s year of two thousand and sixteen, we have welcomed the arrival of the PlayStation Virtual Reality apparatus.


Have you ever wanted to go to a Hatsune Miku concert without your dad waiting at home to beat the ever living stuffing out of you? Or maybe you just want to be Batman or someone who makes enough money to eat more than Ramen Noodles every night? Well now you can and its more real than it ever has been. We at Play and Talk were able to test out the VR and here what we did.

The first thing we all did was Hatsune Miku, then we watched her concert haha alright. It was ok, just a bunch of other people jumping around  watching a cartoon sing about stuff, 10/10 would do it again. After that we tried Batman VR was like being a bat and a man at the same time,  it wasn’t as exciting and made me feel like a just brushed my teeth with icy hot. After trhat we decided to give up and go get some churros.

The Churros were great, they were by far the best part of the day and I would recommend them to anyone regardless of their social class.

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