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Motivating Features of the Nintendo Wii U

As the holiday season approaches, the new generation of consoles is finishing up their first year of sales. All three of the consoles have a slew of new games and hardware coming out to please consumers and show what their new consoles can do.

The Nintendo Wii U has 1 year over the Sony and Microsoft Consoles and has many new innovative ways to play their games and tons of great first party software coming out. The most interesting thing they have coming out has to be Amiibos. Amiibos are somewhat similar to skylanders or Disney Infinity but with Nintendo Characters such as Samus, Mario and Link.

WII U system
The only compatible game so far is Super Smash Bros U. The Amiibo figure is placed on the game pad and the character appears in the game. You are able to fight along side or against the
character. As the character plays its skills will improve, according to Nintendo representatives Amiibo characters are able to surpass any bot in the game and provide a much greater challenge.

Some of the other games that are going to be Amiibo compatible are Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Yoshis Wooly World all coming in 2015.

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