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Get Stunned with the Service of Gaming Console and Mobile Phone


Big things have been happening at your local Play and Talk so here’s a blog to get you up to date with everything that’s been happening. To start with we have opened our second location in the glorious town of Gulfport MS. The new store is located right in the outlet mall across from burger king. The new store offers everything  the original store does including video games, toys, collectibles, repair, cell phone repair and an unforgettable video game experience.  Even with the excitement of the new store don’t forget about the two Mobile Alabama locations are still going strong. We carry a variety of new products including USB controllers for SNES, NES and the Sega Genesis. We are full stocked on all forms of Retro which make great gifts for the holidays. We will also soon be getting in new toys and action figures for all the anime fans collections. Keep an eye out for attack on titan, bleach, neon genesis evangelion, one piece, sanic, and sword art online figures. These should be in for the holiday season to satisfy everyone’s demand.

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Jonathan Pate
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Electronic gadgets always attract me and this craze is visible from my childhood. My professional career has also got the same touch of electronic media. Now, I am employed to serve our clients regarding video game, iPhone, Smartphone and other repairing service on behalf of Play and talk.