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Enjoy Your Summer Time by Playing Modern Games

Summer is approaching fast and with that you are going to need plenty of games to keep you indoors on those hot, rainy and humid Alabama days.

Here is the official Play and Talk list of games you should play while you are stuck inside during the summer.


My personal favorite game to play during the summer is Bully for the PS2 or any of its ports (Nintendi wii or Xbox 360). This game will take you back to school while you are off, only this time you can actually fight the teachers and kids who try to mess with you instead of just cowering in a corner .Need for Speed Underground is another great game to play during the summer. Raising a car with friends is like raising a child but it doesn’t ruin your life. Left 4 dead on the Xbox 360  is the perfect way to spend nights up late with the squad.

It requires you to work together to fight zombies and survive to the bitter end. The ultimate summer game you can possibly play is Katamari Damacy for the PS2 or any of its sequels. Rolling around the Earth and listening to J pop is the best summer possible. So if you like this list comes into our store and buys stuff.


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