Why Repair with Us?

Our Story

We are a family owned local business, and have been repairing devices for many years: since the original iPhone came out! Our goal is to assist our customers with getting their devices back in their hands fully functional. Shop local, and repair local.

An Honest Process from Start to Finish

During the time of drop off, we ask thorough questions and when applicable we test devices that we repair both during drop off and after the repair is done. Our quotes are honest, we stick to our word and immediately inform the customer during the repair process if there is other problems or concerns with the device. Communication throughout the entire repair process is just as important to us as it is to our customers.

Flexible Timing to Fit Your Schedule

We understand that broken devices are difficult to wait on, which is why we offer the fastest times on the Gulf Coast. Our phone repairs, such as broken screens, are set at 30 to 45 minutes if there are none pending repair at the drop-off time. Video game consoles, tablets, and other more extensive repairs have a range of one week to more; and for some repairs, we offer a "send off" option which can take time depending on the mail speed at the time.

Competitive and Current Pricing

We keep our pricing competitive, honest, and current with the market. We come in at the best, and this is due to our trained staff keeping up with market values of both repair parts, labor, and what our competitors are asking for. Our repair techniques and parts we use are always to the highest standard available. Furthermore, when devices have multiple concerns, we are quick to explain if the device is worth repairing or replacing based on the amount-- we are not out for money, our interest is to build formidable relationships with our customers.


Sharing our knowledge of devices and repairs is part of the fun for us, and we are happy to answer any questions regarding your device or others you need repair or information for. Questions can be asked here on our website, through our social media handles (Facebook is the quickest reply), or by giving us a call to the store closest to you. 

Customer Service

All of our staff are trained to be professional, and accompany qualities such as: patience, communication skills, and hard-working attitudes. Each member is ready to help with the process of repairing your device, from drop-off with our retail staff to repair with our technicians. Come in at any time to be greeted with a smile!