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The Arrival of a New Classic Game – Luigi’s Mansion

In honor of October and all of its “spooky goodness,” a review of a not-so-scary classic game is in order. That game is Luigi’s Mansion. Luigi’s Mansion has two titles under the franchise’s belt. This review will focus on the better of the two: for Nintendo Gamecube. This title was released on September 14, 2001 and was received extremely well with an overall rating of 7/10 from IGN.


Now, for the overview. As most Mario games, someone has gone missing/been kidnapped. This time, however, it is not Princess Peach; it’s Mario! It’s up to Luigi to find and rescue him. Upon entering the mansion, it is easy to tell that there is something… Amiss about it.Luigi encounters Professor Elvin Gadd, a quirky scientist who tells Luigi of the misfortune that has befallen Mario. The same misfortune coats the mansion in a legion of Boo’s. Equipped with the Poltergust (harhar) 3000, Luigi sets out to capture ghosts and transfer them back into their paintings while also searching for his brother. Throughout the game, the player encounters “boss” entities that require strategy and attacks that are not the run of the mill ones used to capture regular Boo’s. One boss, for example, is a baby. That’s right, a literal baby. His name is Chauncey and he is equipped with bib, rattle, and of course a onesy. Don’t let his innocent demeanor fool you, though. When you try capturing him, let’s just say things get a little… One sided. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and the weapons this fearsome baby wields. While playing, players are also getting “graded” on their performance with the boss ghosts. Also, when collecting items, the player should try and collect as much money as possible. The amount of money, jewels, and gold you collect has an effect on which mansion Luigi is rewarded with at the end of the game. Doesn’t a guy who has been shadowed in every other game deserve something nice for once? Help him out!

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