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Nintendo Switch Console

The Switch is Nintendo’s long awaited console that was advertised as being up to par with the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Did the system live up to its huge hype, however? The answer to that depends solely on who you ask. Specification wise, the Switch still has larger shoes to fill when it comes to its Sony and Microsoft competitors. On the Nintendo Switch, the video displays in 720p on its handheld screen and 1080p when actually connected to the television set. The base memory is a mere 32 gigs, but is expandable. 1080p is of course HD, but Sony and Microsoft have released the Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Pro that can be displayed in 4k if your television is compatible. So, in that regards the Nintendo Switch is still lacking. There is a redeeming factor though that is very important: the price of the system. The system itself starts at $300 plus tax. Three hundred dollars compared to upwards of five and six hundred dollars is definitely a plus. Another huge factor to consider when thinking about what console to purchase is the mobility of the Nintendo Switch. As advertised, the Switch gamepad can actually be taken off its docking station and carried around and played as though it were a fully handheld console. This mobility allows for more exposure in more areas of clientele and various age groups. There is a launch title called “1-2 Switch” that is available. This game fully encompasses what the mobility was aimed towards: multiplayer mini-games. It’s almost comparable to the ever so popular “Wii Sports.” For myself, personally, a huge deal breaker involved the exclusives the console has/will have to offer. Such as, you probably guessed it, Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  If there is one category of games Nintendo has proven to be experts in, it’s puzzle RPG’s. Zelda being just that. Unlike other games in its franchise however, Breath of the Wild is an immersive free roam RPG that still has the puzzle elements that fans of the series love. However, the title is also offered for Wii U if players do not want to purchase an entire console for one game. The popular video game stores sell all the latest versions of NES Nintendo Console. Overall, the Nintendo Switch has pros and cons like any other system but are quite popular among the people, who love to play video games.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Pros: Affordability, Mobility, Exclusive titles

Cons: Not as beefy as its rivals, the screen display is rather large and easily breakable, no pushing of the envelope game wise