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As soon as you open the game, you’re graced with interesting facts. Facts such as bee’s typically travel in flight for about 3km (about 6ft in distance) at a time or their common enemies such as bears or parasites.


The object of the game is to collect pollen for your hive, in hopes you will restore natural order. Bee’s greatest enemy is mankind. Pesticides and damage caused to forests and their natural environments. This game definitely seems to be in hopes of raising awareness on our ever growing chance at loss of their existence. Millions of colonies have been destroyed over time. They throw these facts at you to gain your affection and concern for the real life bee population itself.

You’ll achieve bee vision after following your first few quests subjected by your guide, Alice.  Bee vision will help you see different flowers in different colors. The varying colors are to indicate the rarity of a flower and its pollen. The game will send you on quests to collect certain amounts from each type of flower. Doing so unlocks other power enhancements to use as you progress. You then will head back to your hive to contribute the pollen you’ve so hopefully collected.

Bee Simulator

I found the most enjoyable part of the game is the flying itself. It truly does feel as if you’re a bee trying to make it’s way in our ever changing world.

Along your journey, you’ll encounter other bugs such as wasps, where you’ll have to fight following a meter method of pressing x and y in the correct and timely order. Doing so secures your success in your battle.Overall, I have found this game to actually be quite appealing. The art design and graphics borderline on a realistic approach as well as a cartoon likability. Great for kids or players favoring in indie or simulator games alike. The guides are easy to follow but not too easy where it doesn’t raise some sort of challenge. I personally was impressed and do recommend the game to anyone trying to fill their time with some simple yet fun gaming experience.