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Surplus Video Games for Both Old and New Generation Gamers

Here at Play and Talk we sell games from every era of gaming, from Atari 2600 to Playstation 4. Many gamers like to visit games from their childhoods and relive all the excitement and the adventures they embarked on as children. The nostalgia itself is enough to want to play a certain game despite graphics or simplicity.

But what about the new generation of gamers that never experienced the NES, SNES or even the Nintendo 64? Many younger gamers ask us what games they should get for older systems, so here’s a couple of games for the NES that we feel everyone should enjoy.


The First NES game I ever played was Ninja Gaiden. Although the game is very difficult, it is also very fair. The game controls very well and it is full of fast paced action.

Another one high up on the list is Castlevania. This side scrolling adventure game set the standard for many to come. It’s challenging, requires you to think and overall plays very well.

Many would recommend RBI baseball to sports fans, but CyberStadium series Base Wars is my favorite baseball game on the system. Base Wars is basically baseball with robots. It has superior graphics, physics and gameplay compared to other baseball games on the system.

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