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Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament Without Entry Fee

Coming up here at Play and Talk we are working on delving into the world of Super Nintendo reproduction cartridges. Reproduction cartridges are tend to be Japan only releases that are translated into English or homebrew mods of popular SNES titles that are loaded on to an actual SNES cartridge for play on the system.

Some of the more popular repros include the English translations of the original Clocktower, Shin MegamiTensei, BahamutLgoon and the Final Fantasies. Some of the homebrews include Super Metroid Zero Mission, Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes and The Legend of Zelda Parallel Remodel.

If you are interested in these games check out some reviews and pick them up when they show up in the store.

Friday April 25th 2014 we will be hosting our next Super Smash Bros Melee tournament. The rules remain the same, 1V1, double elimination, map will be agreed upon by players and items turned off. We recommend players to bring their own controller and anyone bringing a CRT TV will be greatly appreciated. There is no entry fee and a prize will be awarded to first place so come out and have some fun.

We just got in our newest shipment of Hyperkin products. The store is now stocked with plenty of brand new high quality GameCube and Nintnedo 64 controllers along with many other retro accessories and controllers. Hyperkin is the leader in making new retro accessories and consoles. They are the creators of the Retron consoles, which make great replacements for broken, or malfunctioning retro systems. If you are missing any cords, controllers or anything to get your retro console up and running, Hyperkin products are the way to go.

At the beginning of May 2014, Play and Talk will proudly carry the RetroN 5 retro gaming console. The RetroN 5 is a console that supports NES, Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom and Gameboy all the way to the advance all with 100% compatibility.

The system improves gameplay and experience in multiple ways, one being the function of HDMI output and enhanced sound on all games however for players who prefer the old school feel there is an option for a scan line filter.

Game Genie is installed on all systems for a helping hand in the more difficult games. Passwords or leaving the console on are no longer necessary because the system has a save state feature that allows you to save and pick back up anywhere in any game.

The controller is a rechargeable, wireless with programmable button mapping and blue LED lights for power indication. If you would prefer the feel of an original controller there are ports other side that support all systems included.

Every system comes bundled with a console, wireless controller, HDMI cable, controller charge cable and AC adapter.The shipment will arrive May 5th and supplies will be very limited on a first come first served basis.

Starting in May we will begin taking preorders on brand new releases. This is a very big step for our store and hope we can help our customers get the newest titles at a cheaper price than our competitors. Along with newer games we are also going to work on taking orders for retro games that we do not have in the store. We will ask for a down payment on the game and do our best to find the best price and get it delivered to the store where the rest of the game will be paid off.

We are very excited to announce that we have been invited to attend the 2014 Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California.  As gamer and collector for many years this may be the most exciting news I have ever received. At the expo I hope to explore new ways to improve my store and bring new and exciting products to our customers. Upon returning I will update the Facebook with the various news and technology in the video gaming world. While I am gone June 10-12 our employee Jon will be running the store.

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