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Sony PlayStation for Dynamic Game Playing and Beautiful Art Styles

Just in at Play and Talk this week are some of the best RPGs to ever grace the PlayStation 1 and 2. The Sony PlayStation is well known for being the holder of not only the most games in the role playing game genre but some of the greatest to ever be made. RPGs appeal to gamers who look for depth, hours of gameplay, well told and thought of story lines, dynamic gameplay and beautiful art styles.

One game that is widely regarded as the first console RPG, that set the standards and formulas for hundreds of games to come is Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior in North America for the Famicom and original Nintendo Entertainment System.  The game had many themes and elements still used today such as a turn based battle system, hit points and magic points, leveling up your characters, all leading to defeating a big evil boss at the end and saving the land.

The formula for Dragon Warrior inspired the very popular Final Fantasy franchise. Square soft was on the verge of bankruptcy and thought they would only be able to release one more game therefore naming the game Final Fantasy.  The game not only saved the company but introduced millions of fans to the role playing game genre.  Since the original there are now over 14 games in the main storyline and plenty of other spinoffs.

Currently in store we have every Final Fantasy from 1 to 13, including the Japan only releases that were re released for the original PlayStation in English. If you have never experienced Final Fantasy before than it is strongly recommended by all staff at Play and Talk.

The Lunar series, which originally made its debut on the sega cd has also made its way into Play and Talk. The Sega cd is somewhat of an obscurity and finding a working one with all the necessary hook ups can be a tough feat. Those who do or already had one probably enjoyed the lunar series. Lunar: The Silver Star was very well received and helped to boost the reputation of the failing Sega Add on. The game was re released in 1996 for the PlayStation as Lunar: Silver Star Complete. This version of the game included better graphics, expanded story and characters and dialogue.

If you have never played RPGS before and want to give them a shot, come to Play and Talk and check out our wide selection.

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