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Great Location to Get Video Games, Toys and Accessories

As the holiday season approaches many rush to pick out the perfect gifts for their friends, family, pep peps, step peppers etc. When it comes to video games, Play and Talk is great place to find video games and video game related toys and accessories. We offer every system from the retro days of the 80s to now making it easy to find gifts for old and young.

Super Nintendo
For someone who is looking to re live their 80s childhood, we offer NES and Super Nintendo Consoles. All consoles are inspected and cleaned by our professional crew ensuring whoever is receiving the gift will be able to play games with as much ease as when they first got the console.

If are shopping for a younger gamer we do have newer games and consoles. The Wii U appears to be the superior console this Christmas with games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 to entertain the rugrats.  Our shelves are also stocked with video game related plushies for our more sensitive customers. Anything you need this holiday season can be found at Play and Talk.

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Jonathan Pate
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