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Effective Suggestions for the Adventurous Games

Last blog we did a couple short reviews of NES games that we feel are essential and are great for this new generation of gamers to play when getting into retro gaming consoles. This time I’d like to give some reccomendations for the Super Nintendo. Super Mario is a given so I will be leaving that one out and I’ll try to keep the games on the list $25 or below.

Super nintendo

One of my absolute favorites on the system is Disneys Aladdin made by Capcom. This is a fantastic side scroller/platformer that should be played by all. Relatively cheap and easy to come by, it is a great place to start for all ages.

Sidescroller/beat em ups are very popular however the most popular ones such as Turtles in Time can be about $50 for a cheap copy. One game that is a great multiplayer experience and easy to pick up is The legend of the Mystical Ninja. This game mixes RPG elements into a sidescrolling adventure with great graphics and music.

Ever have difficulty deciding if you want to play sim city or an adventure game? Than Act Raiser is the game for you. Half the game is a side scrolling adventure and the other half is a city building sim where you play god and must help the people develop their city.

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