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Early Arrival of NES Games In 1985

Video Gaming has been around since the late 70sish but many say that modern gaming started with the NES in 1985. Gamers that have been around that long can recall every Mario and Zelda to come out and the excitement of playing them the day they came out. Some say it is the best feeling they’ve ever felt after ecstasy. It’s come to point 30 years after the original Nintendo where many gamers were not born early enough to experience multiple consoles and missed out on some of the greatest games in history.


Thankfully gaming companies have made it possible for the new generation of gamers to experience the past through HD remakes and virtual consoles/PSN. The releases of the ocarina of time and Majoras Mask on the 3DS are great examples of gaming masterpieces now becoming available to younger generations. These games changed the way people look at video games and even how games are played making it very important to keep them alive and not forgotten.

The Playstation Network has many great RPG classics up for download such as the legendary final fantasy 7 and more obscure titles such as xenogears and parasite eve.

If you have never played these classics we at Play and Talk highly recommend going back and giving them a shot. There is no experience quite like the first play through of Final Fantasy 7.


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