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Clean the Scratches on Discs with the Help of Disc Repair Machines


When most people see that their disc is scratched and not working, they quickly run out to buy another copy. However, that can be very expensive with games now costing upwards of sixty dollars. Well, there is a cheap and effective alternative now! That alternative is using a disc repair machine. Disc repair machines come in various shapes and sizes. Some hold only one disc while others can hold up to fifty. The one that we trust at our store locations are Research Technology International’s Eco-Auto Smart machine or RTI: EAS for short. The machine holds one disc at a time. There are cleaning pads that are attached to the inside of the machine that are color coded to a numbering system of one through five. Each number is associated with the level of scratch severity. One (blue) is associated with discs that only have fingerprints or light smudges. Two (yellow) is used for very light scratches. Three (green) is for moderately scratched discs. Four (red) is for discs that have heavy scratches. Finally, the five (lighter blue) pad is used for discs that have very deep scratches or laser burns. The machine is made to clean DVD and game discs. It can, however, also clean blu-ray discs. For blu-ray there is a special purple pad that must be placed in the machine. Blu-ray discs have a lower chance of repair, so our staff usually suggests replacing them in the end. The machine itself operates by using a water filtration system that funnels the run-off through a hose. A special compound is put into the water. Also, there is a liquid cleaner that the machine needs to polish the disc during the “one” phase. Overall, this model of disc repair machine is top of the line and offers the utmost satisfaction. And, at only $4-$6 per disc cleaning, how could you refuse?

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