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Last blog we did a couple short reviews of NES games that we feel are essential and are great for this new generation of gamers to play when getting into retro gaming consoles. This time I’d like to give some reccomendations for the Super Nintendo. Super Mario is a given so I will be leaving that one out and I’ll try to keep the games on the list $25 or below.

Super nintendo

One of my absolute favorites on the system is Disneys Aladdin made by Capcom. This is a fantastic side scroller/platformer that should be played by all. Relatively cheap and easy to come by, it is a great place to start for all ages.

Sidescroller/beat em ups are very popular however the most popular ones such as Turtles in Time can be about $50 for a cheap copy. One game that is a great multiplayer experience and easy to pick up is The legend of the Mystical Ninja. This game mixes RPG elements into a sidescrolling adventure with great graphics and music.

Ever have difficulty deciding if you want to play sim city or an adventure game? Than Act Raiser is the game for you. Half the game is a side scrolling adventure and the other half is a city building sim where you play god and must help the people develop their city.

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Here at Play and Talk we sell games from every era of gaming, from Atari 2600 to Playstation 4. Many gamers like to visit games from their childhoods and relive all the excitement and the adventures they embarked on as children. The nostalgia itself is enough to want to play a certain game despite graphics or simplicity.

But what about the new generation of gamers that never experienced the NES, SNES or even the Nintendo 64? Many younger gamers ask us what games they should get for older systems, so here’s a couple of games for the NES that we feel everyone should enjoy.


The First NES game I ever played was Ninja Gaiden. Although the game is very difficult, it is also very fair. The game controls very well and it is full of fast paced action.

Another one high up on the list is Castlevania. This side scrolling adventure game set the standard for many to come. It’s challenging, requires you to think and overall plays very well.

Many would recommend RBI baseball to sports fans, but CyberStadium series Base Wars is my favorite baseball game on the system. Base Wars is basically baseball with robots. It has superior graphics, physics and gameplay compared to other baseball games on the system.

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To this day the Nintendo Entertainment system is a very popular console. It pulled the gaming industry out of the crash it was in, revolutionized home gaming and has provided hours of gaming for almost 30 years. To ensure that our customers get the best experience with their NES consoles, we make sure that every NES system that we take in is refurbished to work as it did when it was brand new.

The process of bringing and NES back to life is actually quite simple and can be done at home with the right parts and in this blog you will learn how. To do this you will need a Philips head screwdriver, a new 72 pin connector, a small wire cutter and a paint brush.


Begin by removing the 6 screws underneath the console to remove the top tray. Next remove all screws holding the top metal plate down and then remove it. In front of you should be the cartridge slot with 3 screws going down each side. Remove all of these but keep the two longer screws in the middle separate as these are the only different screws in the system. Pull the cartridge slot towards you to remove it. In the top right are the final two screws which hold the power supply down. With those removed you can take the motherboard out. Remove the controller ports and reset button from the motherboard. When you have the motherboard pulled out, flip it over and remove the old pin connector so you can slide the new one on. There are diagrams that can be found on the internet showing you the location of the lockout chip that needs to be cut. Use the paint brush to remove any dust from the console. After all of this simply put it back the way it came apart.

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We receive many questions here at Play and Talk regarding the yellow light of death error that has occurred in a large percentage of first and second generation Playstation 3s that have been sold. We are often asked “what causes this to occur in my system”? “Is this a common problem”? “What are the chances of my console not being able to be repaired?” All of these questions and more will be answered in this blog all about the Yellow Light of death.

To put things simply the Yellow Light of Death or YLOD, indicates a general hardware error, meaning that something inside the console is not working correctly.

8 out of ten times the issue is in the GPU or Graphics processing unit, which is located on the motherboard.  What happens is that the solder underneath it physically cracks causing it to malfunction. The main cause of this is overheating which can be made worse by large build ups of dust inside the console.

The most common solution to this is a process known is reflowing. This is a process where the solder underneath the GPU is set back into place by heat. There are a handful of different ways to reflow a system. One of them is don’t by putting your system in a conventional oven and heating it at 400 degrees. This method is not recommended and will more than likely relapse leaving the system bricked. The second way would . be to put a heat gun to the GPU and manually reflow the solder back into place. Although this is a better solution than the conventional oven home remedy, it is still not recommended and has a high chance of relapse. At play and talk we use a top of the line reflow machine that has specific settings for systems to make sure they are reflowed correctly.

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Just in at Play and Talk this week are some of the best RPGs to ever grace the PlayStation 1 and 2. The Sony PlayStation is well known for being the holder of not only the most games in the role playing game genre but some of the greatest to ever be made. RPGs appeal to gamers who look for depth, hours of gameplay, well told and thought of story lines, dynamic gameplay and beautiful art styles.

One game that is widely regarded as the first console RPG, that set the standards and formulas for hundreds of games to come is Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior in North America for the Famicom and original Nintendo Entertainment System.  The game had many themes and elements still used today such as a turn based battle system, hit points and magic points, leveling up your characters, all leading to defeating a big evil boss at the end and saving the land.

The formula for Dragon Warrior inspired the very popular Final Fantasy franchise. Square soft was on the verge of bankruptcy and thought they would only be able to release one more game therefore naming the game Final Fantasy.  The game not only saved the company but introduced millions of fans to the role playing game genre.  Since the original there are now over 14 games in the main storyline and plenty of other spinoffs.

Currently in store we have every Final Fantasy from 1 to 13, including the Japan only releases that were re released for the original PlayStation in English. If you have never experienced Final Fantasy before than it is strongly recommended by all staff at Play and Talk.

The Lunar series, which originally made its debut on the sega cd has also made its way into Play and Talk. The Sega cd is somewhat of an obscurity and finding a working one with all the necessary hook ups can be a tough feat. Those who do or already had one probably enjoyed the lunar series. Lunar: The Silver Star was very well received and helped to boost the reputation of the failing Sega Add on. The game was re released in 1996 for the PlayStation as Lunar: Silver Star Complete. This version of the game included better graphics, expanded story and characters and dialogue.

If you have never played RPGS before and want to give them a shot, come to Play and Talk and check out our wide selection.

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Coming up here at Play and Talk we are working on delving into the world of Super Nintendo reproduction cartridges. Reproduction cartridges are tend to be Japan only releases that are translated into English or homebrew mods of popular SNES titles that are loaded on to an actual SNES cartridge for play on the system.

Some of the more popular repros include the English translations of the original Clocktower, Shin MegamiTensei, BahamutLgoon and the Final Fantasies. Some of the homebrews include Super Metroid Zero Mission, Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes and The Legend of Zelda Parallel Remodel.