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Best Gaming Experience with the NES Consoles

To this day the Nintendo Entertainment system is a very popular console. It pulled the gaming industry out of the crash it was in, revolutionized home gaming and has provided hours of gaming for almost 30 years. To ensure that our customers get the best experience with their NES consoles, we make sure that every NES system that we take in is refurbished to work as it did when it was brand new.

The process of bringing and NES back to life is actually quite simple and can be done at home with the right parts and in this blog you will learn how. To do this you will need a Philips head screwdriver, a new 72 pin connector, a small wire cutter and a paint brush.


Begin by removing the 6 screws underneath the console to remove the top tray. Next remove all screws holding the top metal plate down and then remove it. In front of you should be the cartridge slot with 3 screws going down each side. Remove all of these but keep the two longer screws in the middle separate as these are the only different screws in the system. Pull the cartridge slot towards you to remove it. In the top right are the final two screws which hold the power supply down. With those removed you can take the motherboard out. Remove the controller ports and reset button from the motherboard. When you have the motherboard pulled out, flip it over and remove the old pin connector so you can slide the new one on. There are diagrams that can be found on the internet showing you the location of the lockout chip that needs to be cut. Use the paint brush to remove any dust from the console. After all of this simply put it back the way it came apart.

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